ERGYDIGEST: plants and minerals for your digestion

Festive meals and indigestion

The last days of the year are synonymous with celebrations and hearty meals. If the menu sounds delicious, it will also be pretty substantial. 

After a long and hearty meal, food accumulates in the stomach and can cause digestive heaviness and indigestion. Sometimes you may feel pain on your right side, where the liver is located. Although we generally talk about “indigestion“, the pain actually comes from the gall bladder which is situated a little lower. In fact, the gall bladder produces more bile salts for the purpose of digesting fats and contracts to expel them.

The liver, which is responsible for filtering the blood and eliminating all waste materials including those from the food we have eaten. It also produces bile which is essential for good digestion. During the festive season, the liver may be overloaded and discomfort can be felt.

Foie gras, meat, dishes topped with cheese, sweet things and chocolates… Your stomach will need a little extra help to keep up with it

To prevent poor digestion spoiling the festive season with your family, Nutergia recommends ERGYDIGEST, a combination of plants and minerals for your digestion.

ERGYDIGEST •  Help your digestion

ERGYDIGEST is a combination of plants and trace elements including:

  • artichoke, rosemary and burdock, plants traditionally used to facilitate digestion in general and digestion of fats in particular.
  • artichoke which helps the liver and bile function, plays a part in detoxification and contributes to intestinal comfort (ID 3703)
  • burdock which is good for the liver (ID 2221)
  • zinc which plays a vital role in carbohydrate, fatty acid and protein metabolism.

Instructions for use: 10 to 20 ml per day to be diluted in half a glass of water (75 ml).

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