New arrival • ERGYTOL

Go green with this plant alternative, because we don't all have the same tolerance levels!

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The choice was EPAX®

For the fish oils which make up the products ERGY 3 and SYNERBIOL, Nutergia turned to the world leader in omega-3: EPAX®.

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Am I lacking magnesium?

Magnesium plays an essential role in the functioning of the body. Hence the importance of making up this for this deficiency, via your daily diet, but also by taking supplements depending on individual needs.

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Limit the effects of stress through your diet

The greatest evil of the century, stress has a harmful effect on our body. Chronic stress causes a real commotion in our body and our brain, disturbing our internal balance.

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Children's requirements

Children are beings in the making, for whom essential growth and development are major consumers of nutrients and micronutrients. Their requirements are therefore higher, varying not only according to age but also size, activity level and growth cycle.

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Essential trace elements

Mineral salts and trace elements are members of the same family of nutrients.
The former are found in relatively large amounts in the body.

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