For Dr Seignalet, after traditional medicine (the 1st medicine) and alternative medicine (the 2nd medicine), the diet is the 3rd medicine.

It is a conviction he acquired from his long experience in hospitals and carrying out scientific research and which gave birth to a " hypotoxic or ancestral diet".

Let us take a close look at the principles of this diet and the recommendations for putting it into practice.

A few articles as well to read up on and... learn an alternative and natural way of cooking.


After years of observation Dr Jean Seignalet developed this diet which he called "ancestral", the main objective of which is to restore the intestinal mucous membrane which has become too permeable due to genetic factors (enzymes) and environmental factors (microbes, medicines, gluten, dairy protein, high-temperature cooking).

This increase in permeability of the small intestine has been proven in many diseases.

This diet can be adopted by anyone suffering from chronic degenerative or inflammatory pathologies in order to improve their general state of health.

The six main principles of the SEIGNALET diet

1. Exclude milk of animal origin (cow, goat, ewe, mare) and their derivatives (butter, cream, cheese, ice cream).
They contain allergy-inducing proteins and many growth hormones; many adults do not produce lactase, an enzyme vital for their digestion.

2. Exclude "modern" cereals: wheat, rye, barley, kamut, spelt and even corn.
All cereals obtained by genetic modification or selection are difficult to digest and especially those containing gluten which may provoke intolerance. Rice, buckwheat and quinoa are acceptable.

3. Exclude products cooked at a temperature in excess of 110 °C. High-temperature cooking denatures the food and its nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids; chemical components that are difficult to assimilate, or which are even toxic, may appear at high temperatures.
Cooking methods to be favoured: steaming or gentle boiling.

4. Exclude hot-pressed or cooked oils. Industrial production processes for oils and margarines — solvents, refining, decoloration, de-odorisation — denature the fatty acids.
Prioritise first cold-press oils from organic agriculture: favour rapeseed, walnut, and hazelnut oil and regularly eat small oily fish (sardines, anchovies, mackerel, etc.) for their high content of omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA).

5. As much as possible avoid polluted products, which means favouring food from organic agriculture.

6. Take a vitamin and mineral supplement. Supplements of vitamins, mineral salts and trace elements are an integral part of Dr Seignalet's nutritional programme. To restore the intestine he recommends that lactic ferments are consumed daily to benefit the intestinal flora.

In practice
(source adapted from Dr SEIGNALET's book)

Prohibited foods

  • Wheat and its derivatives: bread, pasta, pizza, semolina, flour, croissants, cakes, biscuits, crispbreads etc.
  • Other cereals: rye, barley, corn and its derivatives (corn flakes, corn flour, etc.), oats… except for rice, buckwheat and small spelt.
  • All animal milk and derivatives: butter, cheese, cream, yoghurt, ice cream
  • Refined white salt, refined oils
  • Refined white sugar, preserves, margarines, beer (contains barley)

Foods to be avoided

All cooked food especially

  • Cooked deli products (pâté, sausage, ham…)
  • Overcooked meats, liver, kidneys, overcooked eggs, overcooked fish, cooked oils, toasted or cooked oil seeds.

Preferred foods

  • Raw or little-cooked (blue) meat
  • Raw deli-type meats (raw ham, dried sausage, salami, chorizo, etc.)
  • Soft boiled eggs, runny omelette
  • Raw fish (carpaccio) or steamed if necessary
  • Shellfish, seafood
  • Steamed green vegetables or pulses, raw vegetables
  • Fresh fruit, dried fruit and raw oil seeds, honey
  • Soya (milk, yoghurt), whole salt, whole sugar
  • First cold-press oils.
  • Rice, buckwheat, small spelt
  • Dark chocolate
  • Sprouted seeds from authorised cereals and legumes
  • Smoked food (meat, fish) in moderation
  • All non-alcoholic drinks with tea and coffee in moderation
  • All alcoholic drinks* (in moderation) except beer

* The abuse of alcohol is harmful to health

Additional recommendations

  • Frozen food compatible with this diet may be consumed. "Frozen food does not present a danger" according to Dr SEIGNALET
  • Favour organic food
  • Always pay careful attention to the actual content of foodstuffs. For example, there are rice cakes available containing only 11% rice and 50% wheat.

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