Our growth is based on know-how developed and mastered over the past 25 years:
production and packing of our food supplements is carried out at our laboratory in Capdenac, France.

La fabrication Un savoir-faire maîtrisé depuis 25 ans
La fabrication

Know-how perfected over more than 25 years

  • GelluleuseProduction and packing of our food supplements are carried out at our laboratory in Capdenac, France. Know-how perfected over 25 years: guaranteeing you safety and traceability.
  • Complete control over the manufacturing processes validated by our pharmacist to ensure optimum product quality.
  • Controls at all production stages to ensure process conformity.
  • Full traceability of our products (batch records, nutrivigilance).
  • Approved cleaning procedures in order to eliminate any cross-contamination with allergens such as gluten, lactose, soya, etc.
  • Day-to-day methodology that focuses on control and in-process product improvement: the HACCP hazard control approach guaranteeing you safe and healthy food supplements which comply with the latest regulations.
  • Exclusive expertise in the original production process based on clay-water filtrate and concentrated sea water, a genuine concentration of trace elements and minerals, the basis of the formulations for all our liquid forms, especially the phytominerals.

Did you know ?

Afaq ISO 9001
Afaq ISO 9001

Our laboratory has a AFAQ certification - ISO 9001 since 2005, a guarantee of quality requirements placing the consumer at the center of our concerns.