Active Cellular Nutrition®

What is Active Cellular Nutrition® and how does it benefit health?

Claude Lagarde, founder of Laboratoire Nutergia, takes an alternative view to health*: imbalances in our body should be investigated at the cellular level.
Polluted by toxins or lacking in "molecules of life", such as trace elements, our cells are unable to correctly perform their vital functions.

Everything possible is done to restore the "proper functioning" of our cells, especially via the adequate provision of trace elements - critically important for detoxification and rebuilding - and of optimum quantities of essential nutrients.

This is how the tested concept put forward by Claude Lagarde since the early 1980s can be summarised, Active Cellular Nutrition®.

*"Your health is concealed at the very heart of your cells" (see "Find out more")

Our body: a network of cells!

The cell is the basic unit of life. Our body consists of thousands of billions of adjoined cells which together create specialist systems such as the brain, skeleton, skin, etc.

For optimum operation, just like us our cells require oxygen, water, vitamins such as vitamin B, minerals, trace elements, good first cold-press fatty acids, essential amino acids and plant-based antioxidants.

It's not "only a question of genes"

Our modern way of life and environment are sources of imbalance and disruption for our cells.
The latest studies have shown that it is not only our genes that control our future and the proper functioning of our cells.
It is above all our environment that influences our well-being and our ability to maintain it.

Le « tout génétique »
Le « tout génétique »
Le « tout génétique »

Le « tout génétique »

How do you restore optimum functional potential to deficient cells?

  • The very basis of Active Cellular Nutrition® by NUTERGIA is to tackle the source of impaired functionality, the cell.
    Each cell breathes, takes in nourishment, eliminates waste, communicates, reproduces… and in order to carry out all of these vital functions an impressive number of chemical reactions take place, at accelerated speed. No reactions can take place without the presence of specific proteins and enzymes which, in order to be active, must be combined with a specific trace element.
    Trace elements act as a kind of starter to the reaction. Furthermore, reactions do not occur in isolation; they follow one after the other in a chain reaction, each with its own trace element. 
    Nowadays, we observe a general and moderate lack of trace elements.
    The reason: low-quality industrialised food production (refined products, exhausted soil), poor assimilation due to intestinal flora imbalance, trapping (food additives, pesticides), over-consumption (stress, acid-inducing diet).
    The cell bears the brunt and attempts to compensate via over-activity, causing cellular exhaustion which in the long term has consequences for the metabolism as a whole: excessive tiredness, lack of vitality are the first indications followed by functional and organic disorders; health is compromised.
  • To re-energise the metabolism, Active Cellular Nutrition® in its initial stage adds trace elements in ionic form and in physiological doses, the pre-requisites for assimilation. This is how the effectiveness is guaranteed of other essential nutrients provided in supplement form (fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids, etc.) during the second stage.

To find out more

Discover the story of Claude Lagarde's medical adventure which gave rise to Active Cellular Nutrition®. To "re-establish a more intimate dialogue with our body".

Votre santé se cache au coeur de vos cellulesYour health is concealed at the very heart of your cells

Votre santé se cache au coeur de vos cellules

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March 2008.