Laboratoire Nutergia

NUTERGIA: Over 25 years of history and expertise in micronutrition

In 1989 Claude Lagarde, a pharmacist-biologist, founded Laboratoire NUTERGIA, the laboratory for Active Cellular Nutrition®. His main concern was to encourage as many people as possible to take care of their own body through healthy nutrition.

Antoine et Claude Lagarde
Antoine et Claude Lagarde

And it is with the same commitment and ethical approach that his son Antoine Lagarde and the entire team of employees are passionately developing the NUTERGIA adventure.

So for 25 years already, Laboratoire NUTERGIA has been working in your interests to enable you to find balance and well-being thanks to more than 75 high-quality food supplements supported by expertise recognised by numerous health professionals.

We are also able to offer you advice for a healthy lifestyle and solutions to rebalance your nutrition.

Conscious nourishment, self-respect and self-preservation are the fundamentals underpinning all the work carried out at Laboratoire NUTERGIA.

"Let your food be your main medicine" Hippocrates (460-356 BC)

Alternative health: the guiding principle

Claude Lagarde
Claude Lagarde

With many years practising medical biology… a curious mind, creative, open to new ideas, career-shaping interaction with the pioneers of micronutrition (C. Kousmine, J. Seignalet).

Enough for Claude Lagarde to establish relationships of cause and effect based on his medical experience and his new understanding!

A decidedly scientific approach which led him to the fundamental importance of micronutrients, or the "molecules of life", exclusively provided through high-quality nutrition and out of which was born the innovative concept of Active Cellular Nutrition®.

This was followed by the IoMET® tool, exclusive to NUTERGIA, based on a personalised questionnaire and producing a rapid nutritional assessment in order to identify any excess or deficiencies - the root cause of imbalance.

Because our health depends above all on that of our cells and on the environment to which they are exposed!