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Welcome to Aveyron!

Aveyron is a friendly department. From all points of view: a generous geography with countless landscapes, for the great pleasure of families, hikers and sports enthusiasts, cultural facilities for knowledge and art aficionados, remarkable heritage sites, etc. Charming towns and villages, soothing school environments, dynamic associations: daily life appears particularly peaceful in a department home to 300,000 inhabitants!

If you have decided to settle here, Aveyron Expansion is here to guide you in partnership with the department's municipality communities.

So don't hesitate to take the first step! Aveyron expansion:

A word from Human Resources

"More than 200 employees contribute each day to the success of our dietary supplements laboratory. We pool our skills to complete ambitious projects on a rapidly evolving and highly competitive market.
Our human resources division is daily involved with the men and women who are central to our success. We are committed to proximity management in order to cultivate talent. Maintaining a professional and personal balance remains one of our main concerns. To reveal the potential of each employee, we must groom, cultivate and stimulate it..."

Fabienne Galès, director of the Human Resources cluster and deputy director of Laboratoire Nutergia.
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People at the heart of our HR policy

You are interested in the fields of micro-nutrition and health, you like working in a team on innovative projects, improving your skills and developing your expertise. Our company is recruiting employees in various sectors.

Join Laboratoire Nutergia and help improve the health of millions of consumers of our products.

Collective efficiency

Developing collective intelligence with respect for individuals and their well-being: such is the objective of the company's HR policy. Autonomy and appreciation of achievements, structured collaborations, project-mode organization, etc., we have effective levers for boosting your career.

A skill does not exist in a vacuum, it is intrinsically linked to other capacities, to various learning processes, to personal experience and to expertise. It is systematically enhanced in contact with new knowledge and through exchanges with one's peers. This is why we consider that collaborative and flexible "project" mode organization is best suited to enhance each individual's skills. An individual can be involved in several teams, with different responsibilities depending on the scope and nature of the project... and we have plenty of them.

Other key aspect of human resources: internal training. It enables Management to meet its commitment to "optimize human resources" by transferring knowledge internally between employees. This results in numerous mentoring actions.

The integration process proposes to support our new recruits and to facilitate their establishment in our beautiful region. Moreover, our native Aveyron employees are more than happy to share their passion and knowledge.

A team that listens to employees

The Human resources department combines several competences focusing on the specific or common needs of the company's employees.

  • Training and skill development
  • Social law
  • Personnel administration and payroll accounting