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nature in duet

Plants have been an essential part of our traditions and daily lives for thousands of years. Our ancestors, who had an empirical understanding of such matters, created infusions, ointments and other preparations from plants.

Their assets: hundreds of molecules acting in synergy! This traditional use is alive and well in the modern world.

In the same way trace elements and minerals have been intuitively exploited by all civilisations. Although not produced by the human body, they are essential for our health.

Combining the effectiveness of plants and the power of minerals and trace elements, a new source of energy is created - phytominerals, for a reinforced well-being action.

Plants and trace elements, sources of well-being and vitality

Plants produce numerous molecules for their survival that human beings very quickly came to use for their own well-being. Today we talk about the "traditional use of plants", frequently validated by current scientific knowledge.

Trace elements and minerals not produced by our body have a major biological importance, especially at the cellular level where they activate enzyme reactions which are crucial for vital functions. For example, copper, selenium and zinc contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system and magnesium helps to reduce fatigue...


The secret of production

Each phytomineral combines the benefits of plants with those of marine trace elements (from salt-free sea water and lithothamnium, or red algae, from the ocean depths) and specific trace elements, for maximum personalisation.

Production process
Procédé de fabrication
Procédé de fabrication
Procédé de fabrication
Procédé de fabrication exclusif NUTERGIA
Procédé de fabrication exclusif NUTERGIA

Procédé de fabrication exclusif NUTERGIA

Product advantages

Exclusive composition

  • Association of plants + oligoelements of marine origin + specific trace elements


  • Where possible sourced from wild plants, otherwise organically certified
  • No artificial flavourings or sweeteners