Purging and detox

Purging and detox

Nowadays our bodies are exposed to numerous undesirable substances via our food and environment, from our earliest childhood.

Despite its amazing powers of self-cleansing, enabling us to neutralise and then eliminate toxins, our body has the tendency to "clog up" due to the saturation of the elimination, or excretory, systems.

Waste then accumulates. Everyone will then feel chronic fatigue, dull complexion for some, cellulite for others.

Excretory systems

These are the waste exit channels. The main ones are the liver, kidneys and intestines, backed up where necessary by the skin and lungs.

Any intestinal malfunction will have an impact on the liver which, in the long term, will affect the kidneys: these 3 main excretory channels are interdependent.

The detoxifiers, the purgers…

The liver plays a vital role in the body as, thanks to its special enzymatic system, it is able to neutralise toxins and then make them water soluble. These purification processes produce free radicals which consume antioxidants in immense quantities.

Schéma foie
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Schéma foie
  • chardon-marieCertain plants such as artichoke and milk thistle are able to activate these hepatic detoxification phases; others trigger purging by stimulating the filtration function of the blood, enabling deactivated and water soluble waste and toxins to be eliminated via the biliary or urinary channel (meadowsweet, blackcurrant, limewood). Some plants are highly versatile and therefore act at many levels.
  • chardon-marie
    In order to optimise these reactions, vitamin cofactors such as vitamin B9 and B6 and catalytic trace elements are required: manganese, copper, zinc and selenium in particular.

Do I need to detoxify my body or is a simple purging enough?

As always listen to your body which, in the event of "saturation", will be talking loud and clear: nausea on waking up, migraines, dry mouth, difficult digestion, sudden tiredness after meals, mood swings, bloating, water retention… all possible signs of hepatic overload.

If you add tobacco, alcohol, medicine, polluted environment and processed food to your daily intake, there's no doubt: you need a detox. Otherwise give your body a spring purge.


  • During detox therapy, favour a low-toxin diet rich in good quality fruit and vegetables, first cold-press oils and vegetable proteins to "lighten the burden" of the liver.
  • The elimination of toxins must be a gentle process but may be accompanied by certain unpleasant effects such as accelerated transit, concentrated urine, perspiration higher than normal and even accentuated emotions.

Patience… everything will get back into order and the liver, the real master of ceremonies as far as the body's energy is concerned (in traditional Chinese medicine it is the springtime organ par excellence), will be able to re-boost your energy levels.