Trace elements over the seasons

Trace elements over the seasons

Just like there are seasonal products, trace elements can compensate for our seasonal weaknesses... As far back as 5000 years ago, traditional Chinese dietetics, which recommends some foods at certain times of the year, used seasonal trace elements and vitamins!

Let's take the example of cabbage, with an enviable vitamin C content. This latter promotes the absorption of iron, essential for immune system function, which is hard-pressed over the winter. We can also mention walnuts harvested in autumn and eaten throughout the winter. Nuts are major providers of both manganese and copper, that also provide support during the cold weather. There are thus an infinite number of beneficial combinations.


Like nature, our metabolism slows down, according to the biorhythms etched into the core of our beings. In the past, farmers stopped their work over the winter. Now, everything is inverted. Autumn and winter are seasons of intense activities, making it difficult to balance personal and professional lives. Their intensity, coupled with the lower temperatures, higher humidity and lack of light, can weaken our bodies and morale.

Preferred trace elements: magnesium, manganese and copper.



Less light, aggressive cold, viruses on the attack... All of these factors mobilize our energy reserves. Moreover, we cannot escape the seasonal biological clocks. As proof of this, our immune system is at its lowest ebb, especially in February.

The consequences for many of us are fatigue, energy slump, hesitant defences, with morale and energy in hibernation mode. Under these circumstances, a vicious circle can set in: micro-organisms have a better chance of establishing themselves when we are tired and stressed, with low morale... We must therefore "fortify ourselves", both physically and mentally.

Preferred trace elements: magnesium, manganese-copper.



Our energy stores have once again been degraded this winter by the lack of sunlight and viral attack... and still a hectic lifestyle. If you add to this the rich meals, reduced physical activity and oxygenation, we may feel tired, worn out and lacking in drive. These are all signs that the body needs to cut back.

The main exit channels for the ongoing elimination of waste and toxins are the liver, kidneys and intestines which are aided, when necessary, by the lungs, skin and mucous membranes. We must "cleanse" and drain these organs at least once per year - as we did in the past with regular fasting. The key organ for the detox process, the liver, is in its best shape in the spring, according to traditional Chinese medicine.

Preferred trace elements: chromium, zinc, magnesium, copper and selenium.



The return of sunlight and warmth is keenly awaited to brighten up our mood. But for many of us, especially women, the heat can be a source of discomfort in the legs, a sensation that worsens as the day progresses, particularly when you are on your feet for extended periods.

The cause: heredity, of course, but also feminine hormone variations (pregnancy, puberty, menopause, the pill...), excess weight, constipation, prolonged periods standing or sitting, compression (tight clothing, crossed legs).

Preferred trace elements: copper, selenium and manganese.