Company history

A brief history of a long journey

  • 1985/86   Claude Lagarde begins his research into trace elements and essential fatty acids.
  • 1986   Founding of Laboratoire Nutergia by Claude Lagarde, a Doctor of Pharmacy, biologist and university lecturer. His passion: the cell, "a biological miracle at the very heart of life".
  • 1993 : Installation of the production laboratory on the current site in Rue Claude Bernard, in Capdenac, France.
  • 2000  Creation of the Active Cellular Nutrition® concept (ACN) and of the IoMET® bionutritional profile, a personalised tool for the analysis of the 7 "CHANBIO®" bionutritional fields.
  • 2001  Antoine Lagarde, the founder's son, becomes Laboratory CEO.
  • 2003 Launch of INCA, a training programme open to health professionals, run by Dr. Régis Grosdidier, a leading specialist in micronutrition.
  • 2005  Company growth: we reach the 50-employee milestone and become the first micronutrition laboratory to obtain ISO 9001 quality certification, covering all areas of the business, from R&D to production, human resources, marketing and health professional training.
  • 2006  Launch of the ERGYSPORT® range, the first sports range certified as complying with anti-doping requirements by the independent body, SPORT Protect.
    Sport Protect
  • 2008  100 people in France are now actively involved at the heart of the Nutergia health project.
  • 2009  Launch of FONCA, a training programme dedicated to pharmacies designed to enhance their role as advisor and as a central participant in the health system.
  • 2011  Distribution centre opens near the laboratory.
  • 2012 ISO 14001 environmental certification demonstrates the historic commitment of the founder to the protection of the environment.
  • 2013  170 people are passionately taking the Nutergia project forward; our success is confirmed by our presence among the top-10 in France and by strong growth abroad (1 in 3 products produced goes for export).
  • 2016 beginning of the construction of our new production unit, a singular project, technically innovative, respecting the environment: eco-building, bioclimatic architecture, natural insulation, ecological materials with recycling, vegetated roof, underground parking, contract electricity 100% renewable energy, low water discharges, geothermal, etc.