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Qualité et naturalité Expertise et innovation Confiance des professionnels de santé Ecoute, conseil, personnalisation Livraison rapide, suivi de commande Engagements Nutergia
Engagements Nutergia

Quality and naturalness

Selection of ingredients of the highest quality, as close as possible to nature, with guaranteed nutritional qualities:

  • First cold-press virgin vegetable oils and marine oils in the form of non-esterified triglycerides;
  • Certified organic plants, where available, or wild plants subjected to a delicate, eco-friendly and low-temperature extraction process;
  • Naturally-sourced trace elements and vitamins;
  • Marine gelatin, the component for gels and capsules…

No use of GM raw materials, irradiated ingredients or doping substances (ERGYSPORT® range).

All ingredients inspected on receipt: physical-chemical analysis, spectrophotometry, chromatography, detection of potential contaminants (heavy metals, aflatoxins, bacteria, etc.).

Quality accreditations from independent bodies - Fondation Kousmine –   www.kousmine.com SPORT Protect quality label – www.sport-protect.org and AFAQ – ISO 9001 certification since 2005, quality guarantees placing the consumer at the heart of our considerations.

Afnor ISO 9001 Kousmine Sport Protect

Expertise and innovation

  • Pharmacists, doctors and nutritional scientists and engineers make up our Research & Development teams.
  • Products developed from the very latest scientific works and reference documents.
  • Balanced formulas with synergy of action: optimum doses adapted to the needs of the body, presence of co-factors (vitamins, trace elements, etc.) to obtain superior effectiveness to that of the active substances alone.
  • IoMETCreation of the ACN concept, the precursor of a new approach to micronutrition, and development of the IoMET® programme, the first computer-based analysis providing a nutritional assessment in order to correct any imbalance.

We enjoy the confidence of health professionals

  • Over 25 years of experience alongside over 12,000 health professionals throughout Europe.
  • Booming presence in Europe and overseas.
  • The equivalent of one training course each day in France and Europe in our concept, ACN, nearly 8,000 participants annually.

Individual dialogue and advice

  • An advice centre available between Monday and Friday for advice adapted to individual needs.
  • A service dedicated to providing monitoring and support for IoMET® "therapy".
  • A pharmacist guaranteeing health monitoring (nutrivigilance).

Rapid delivery, order tracking

  • ISO 9001-certified customer service.