The bionutritional IoMET® profile enables you to visualise your areas of deficiency and excess; depending on your lifestyle and issues, your therapist will carry out a personalised needs assessment and will propose a course of "therapy" best suited to your specific imbalances.


Our body is composed of some 10,000 to 30,000 billion cells which are grouped together into specific units at organ level and whose optimum functioning is linked to the correct provision of vital micronutrients (trace elements, vitamins, good fatty acids…).

IoMETNowadays we frequently observe deficiencies in such elements, which causes a lack of vitality as an initial indication and is likely to lead to long-term functional disorders.

Thousands of observations of patients by hundreds of therapists specialising in micronutrition have made it possible to identify 7 different fields, depending on the individual's genetic health, environment, diet and lifestyle.

IoMETThe IoMET® tool, an exclusive innovation by NUTERGIA, is a personalised, detailed and comprehensive questionnaire. It reveals disruptions in the various fields via a computer programme and detects the "weak link", the source of the observed disorders. In other words it enables the origin of any imbalances to be identified and understood.

By analysing the profile your therapist is able to:

  • Propose a personalised course of therapeutic micronutrients, tailored to your individual needs
  • Provide you with associated dietary advice

The advantages of the IoMET® programme

  • A rapid and innovative bionutritional assessment
  • Personalised "therapy" with top-quality NUTERGIA products
  • Support during your programme from a health practitioner trained in Active Cellular Nutrition®ACN
  • Synergy between nutritional advice and dietary supplements

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