Sustainable energy and climate award

Green roofs, geothermal energy and Trombe walls Nutergia has gone to great lengths to reduce the carbon footprint at its site at Causse-et-Diège (Aveyron).

a model of eco-construction

Commissioned in October 2018, after an investment of 15.5 million Euros, the food supplement production site constructed by Laboratoire Nutergia at Causse-et-Diège (Aveyron) is a showcase of eco-construction. “Everything was carefully thought through to minimise our environmental impact", says Antoine Lagarde, CEO of the company (270 employees, turnover of 48 million Euros).

Too short of space at its historic site at Capdenac-Gare (Aveyron), the family-run company, founded in 1989 by Claude Lagarde, the father of the current manager, wanted to ensure an eco-friendly construction site for his planned extension. The key element was the construction of a new production and distribution site less than a dozen kilometres away.
An opportunity to do everything possible to reduce energy consumption. “It was a way to ensure that our industrial tool was consistent with our commitments", emphasizes the company director.

The building is equipped with partially green roofs, 300 m2 of self-consumption photovoltaic panels, Trombe walls (which enable natural solar energy to be transformed into thermal energy), geothermal energy, skylights and natural insulators. The natural slope of the ground has been enhanced by a semi-subterranean construction which optimises thermal inertia by reducing variations in temperature.

“These choices meant over-investment in the order of 30 %, acknowledges Antoine Lagarde. But we are already the winners in that the building contributes to our brand image." Concentrating logistics activities previously situated in three towns in the department (Capdenac-Gare, Baraqueville and Villeneuve-d'Aveyron) also contributes to a significant reduction in logistic flows. After the first year of operation, savings of 60 tonnes of CO2 have already been made.


Sustainable energy and climate award • L’USINE NOUVELLE, 15 september 2020.
Nutergia Laboratory, a model of eco-construction

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